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How to enable IIS on window 7 OR Installing the IIS on Window 7

Introduction: In this article I will explain how we can enable the IIS on window 7.

IIS stand for Internet Information Services. By default IIS is not enabled on window 7. To enable the IIS follow the below mention steps:
Step 1: click on start and then click on Control Panel.
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Step 2: Control panel will be open and click on Programs and features.
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Step 3: click on Turn windows features on or off.
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Step 4: pop up window will be and take some time to load window features.
Step 5: In pop up windows features looks for IIS (Internet Information Services).
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Step 6: select the IIS checkbox and hit the Ok button.
Step 7: now you see a progress indicator appears it would take some time for configuration. When the configuration complete windows dialog close itself.

IIS is now installed/enabled. To confirm installation is successful or not type the http://localhost/ on browser.
Default website

Now you are able to access the IIS manager. To open IIS manager click start and type IIS in search programs and files box and hit the enter button.

To solve IIS error Click here.

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