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Window Task Scheduler

Task scheduler is a component of windows. It is available in all version of windows. It helps us to trigger the script or programs at specified time or when defined conditions met. In simple words if you don’t want getting bored doing same work daily, like taking database daily, sending birthday/marriage anniversary emails etc. Create basic task scheduler and define when it to be triggered.

Taking the example of take routine backup of database. You want to take the backup of database daily basis at 9:00 AM. Just create a task scheduler and set when it to be trigger daily/one time/weekly/monthly with time.

Your machine should be running at that time or can define setting in task scheduler what to do if miss a scheduler.

Open Window Task Scheduler

Method 1: Using Window search
Go to start button and type Task Scheduler. It will show in result list. Select it and click on enter button. Task scheduler will be open.

Window Task Scheduler

Method 2: Using Run  
Go to start button and type run. Or press window icon + R. Run dialog will be open. Type taskschd.msc and click on enter button. Task scheduler will be open.

Window Task Scheduler

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