Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is LINQ? Its advantage, disadvantage and types.

LINQ stand for Language Integrated Query. LINQ is part of Microsoft .Net Framework in C# and VB language. It was released with .NET 3.5 framework. LINQ is used to Query the data by using syntax similar to SQL.LINQ have the own processing engine for Query. We can also use store procedure is LINQ.
1.       LINQ provide the short codes so programmers have not write too much code for query.
2.       Application check by the complier at runtime for error.
3.       Debug the application easily.
1.       There are no clear outlines in LINQ application.
2.       Its complex to understand the advance query using expressions.
3.       Joins are very slow when used in query
 Basically linq is of three types:
DLINQ: LINQ to Sql formerly called DLINQ. In DLINQ query is performed against the SQL database.
XLINQ: LINQ to XML formerly called XLINQ. In XLINQ query is performed against the the XML data source.
LINQ :LINQ to Object formerly called LINQ. LINQ perform the query against in-memory collection of object.

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