Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Copy data from one table to another existing table in sql server

Introduction: In this article today I will explain how we can copy data from one table to another existing table sql server
Insert into Table2 Select * from Table1;
Syntax to copy only columns:
Insert into table2(Columns_Name, Columns_Name) select Columns_Name, Columns_Name from from table1;
Note: Here in the above query we select data from table 1 and insert it into table 2. Table 1 will be source and table2 will be target table


I have two tables:
Old_Student :
Create table Old_Student
Id int not null primary key,
Student_Name varchar(50),
Student_Address varchar(50),
Phone_No int
Create table New_Student
NId int not null primary key,
NStudent_Name varchar(50),
NStudent_Address varchar(50),
NPhone_No int
Here now I want to copy the record from New_Student table and insert into Old_Student.
Insert into dbo.Old_Student(Student_Name,Student_Address,Phone_No) select NStudent_Name,NStudent_Address,NPhone_No from dbo.New_Student;

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