Monday, August 6, 2018

Hello world application with Angular 6

Here in this tutorial I am going to explain how to create hello world application with Angular 6.


a.  Visual studio code
b.  Node.js

You can download the latest version of Visual studio code from here and Node.js from here.
Node.js installation will also install the npm. After installation start the visual studio code. If you see the message of Git is missing then you have to install the git to your system. You can download latest version here or in visual studio code  there is link in message to download git, when you click on the link it will redirect you to download link.

Get started with Angular 6
I have created a folder named Angularjs app in F drive of my system. Now open the created folder in Visual studio code. After that go to view and select integrated terminal.

Hello world application with Angular 6

Now we are going to create angular hello world application. Type ng new hello-world in terminal window. Angular CLI will take some time to create hello-world project.

Hello world application with Angular 6

Now you can see the structure of files in explorer as shown below:

Hello world application with Angular 6

To run the application write click on hello-world and select open in command prompt. Type ng serve –o to run the application.

Hello world application with Angular 6

 It will run the angular application in default browser.  Default URL of the project is http://localhost:4200/

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